Online Sales

Personalized Website

Financial Reports


Cloud Based

Credit card processing through Paypal and Stripe

Customer Database

System set up and support

Responsive to devices including computers, phones and tablets

Inventory tracking: farmers enter inventory once and can submit to multiple markets

Grow. List. Sell

Lulus Local Food is a cloud based ecommerce solution designed to simplify online sales for farms, farmers markets, food hubs, and CSAs - a single solution program for online sales, easy inventory management, financial reporting, reaching new customers and markets, and so much more. 

Online Sales Made Simple

Make sales directly from the farm with ease. No initial investment to use the software, and farmers set their own prices to control the marketplace. Lulus accepts multiple payment options including Stripe and PayPal - even tracking sales and tax payments.

Market Your Business

Lulus makes creating your own website and online storefront easy. Add your own graphics, post updates and recipes on your blog, post detailed descriptions of products and more!

Inventory and Reports

Lulus features a cloud based inventory solution that depletes inventory as customers buy products. Control and analyze inventory and sales data from any device with internet connection. Inventory, sales, and financial records are stored securely through Microsoft Azure.


Easily start or join food hubs, CSAs, and online farmers markets. Food hubs can create an online marketplace, develop producer and customer networks, customize sales cycles, map delivery locations and manage volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up and launch my website?

Are there limits to the number of products I can sell?

I’m a farmer, can I share and sell my products through multiple markets/hubs?

I’m a market manager, do the producers that sell through my market manage their own accounts? 

Can the online sales platform integrate with my current website?

How are updates made to the product list and pricing?

Will I be able to set inventory limits so that I don’t oversell products?

How do customers pay for products?

  1. How do customers pay for products?

How do I get paid for purchased product?

Are there additional credit card fees?

How much does Lulus cost? 

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